About US

Jones is Portland’s hottest dance club. It’s all 80s/90s, all the time! A vision and dream come true for owner Nikki Jones (who also owns downtown’s hippest karaoke bar, The Boiler Room), Jones is a true reflection of her passion for creating downtown bars with neighborhood vibes. Jones is a sensual journey through two incredible decades; from incredible music by local and national DJ’s, loads of 80s/90s memorabilia, old school arcade games, and the largest light brite on the west coast, Jones bursts with genuine awesome-ness. Jones, a 6500 square foot club, also has a huge dance floor, friendly staff, homemade food and a killer outdoor patio. Some of our yelp reviews say it best…

“Portland finally has a fun, classy place to go dance and have an awesome time…This is the best dance club Portland has ever had!”- Tiffany R.

“Generation X , welcome back  to some of the best years of your life. Jones bar is the only club where you can sing along with Journey, Shake your rump to Wrex-N-Effect, do the Humpty Dance, put your W’s in the air to West Coast Hip Hop, Thank your Lucky stars with Madonna, and admit you know the words to the Right Stuff by New Kids. This  80’s-90’s mish-mash club is a success… Someone seriously has underestimated the market for a non top 40’s, hipster, douchey, meat market, barely 21 club.  This is the perfect place for 30 and 40 somethings who have outgrown that seedy scene. A place where people actually say excuse me or sorry when they bump in to you. The decor was a homage to everything we loved in the 80’s and 90’s. Murals of those music trading cards from the 90’s and GARBAGE PAIL KIDS hung in the bathroom. Portraits including  ALF and the A-Team adorned the main room…Jones Bar is the only place dedicated from head to toe to the awesome era of the 80’s AND 90’s. Jones Bar has the Right Stuff, baby….(you know the words).” –Melvin T.

“Jones is one of the best “night clubs” if you will, I’ve been to. Best part about it is their amazing staff…[they] serve up some awesome drinks, great energy, and probably the hottest ladies I’ve ever seen in 80s attire! My boyfriend and I really enjoy the great atmosphere and awesome service we get!!!” –Corwina J.

“This is probably one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to. I absolutely love the 80s/90s theme and the decorations all around the bar too.” –Nina H.

“Jones nails it in all the right areas.” –Kurtis B.